Our Story

Our Vision

To make food accessible for all and ensure that all food is consumed.

Our Mission

To organise the worlds food so that one day food is universally accessible to all.

Our Story

Snaxchange was founded to tackle issues surrounding food waste. From the outset Snaxchange has invested time to understand the broader issues and areas of impact including people, environment and societal issues and explored concepts and ideas to solve some of these problems. Snaxchange has worked with charities, government agencies, education organisations, technology providers and consultants to understand which areas and sectors have the greatest and immediate need and where the maximum benefits and value could be achieved specifically through the adoption of digital technologies and solutions (the art of the possible).

Snaxchange initially launched to address the problem of food wastage within the student community by offering a student community online food donation and exchange service (‘Version 1.0’). The concept was based on the principle of the exchange or donation of food by students who had food that was surplus or no longer needed. In addition to reducing food wastage on university campuses and donating food to directly help feed the homeless, the solution provided additional benefits. These included the option for students to buy food at discounted prices and addressing the issue of on-campus social isolation through building a community with a shared interest.

Following an independent business assessment and review a decision was taken to put the initial release on hold and switch focus on a higher priority area and develop a solution that more directly and immediately benefits the wider society. Snaxchange ‘Version 2.0’ will address the problem of food wastage and food shortages for those socially disadvantaged by linking business and organisations to food banks.

Snaxchange has engaged local communities and foodbanks and is leveraging digital technologies to build a new business, service and community based on a single primary principle – finding the easiest and quickest way to get unwanted or surplus food that is available to those that need it. Snaxchange has full business sponsorship from charities, local government and voluntary organisations and is backed with financial investment.

Snaxchange uses digital technologies that will completely transform the way that food is donated and shared within communities. All of the food within the Snaxchange community will be available to everyone. This includes food donated (by individuals or businesses) or food already stored in one of the many registered food banks or community organisations. People or organisations will be able to search for food he food that they need and where food is located. This might be to find specific food items required or to check more generally to see the food available (stock levels) in different locations and community organisations.

Snaxchange will also provide direct benefits to foodbanks and food charities. By moving them online and ‘digitising’ their operations, many of the challenges faced by foodbanks will be addressed. These include managing stock levels of food and other essentials, managing food and money donations, managing the storage, collection and distribution of food and organising and co-ordinating volunteers.

Thank you for the interest that you have shown by visiting the Snaxchange website. Whether you are making a food or financial donation, need our help or have an interest in getting involved, all of us at Snaxchange and the wider community would like to say ‘welcome’.