We at SnaXchange aim to tackle the challenge of reducing food wastage in London. Please find below answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need further assistance, please contact us at info@snaxchange.com.


What is SnaXchange?

SnaXchange is a friendly online marketplace aimed at reducing food waste while allowing users to both earn and save money. Users can easily buy or sell food and beverages with nearby users at heavily discounted prices. The platform is interactive, user-friendly and, more interestingly, for a good cause.

The SnaXchange app is available in the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. You can also access SnaXchange with any web-based browser.

How does SnaXchange work?

All registered users are automatically both buyers and sellers on SnaXchange. You can buy any product on SnaXchange (just like in any online store) and post any un-opened product you know you will not consume from your pantry before its use-by date.

SnaXchange’s geo-location feature allows buyers to purchase from sellers within their proximity. Sellers also have Trust Ratings which serve as markers of their product and transaction credibility.

After a purchase, the buyer and seller will decide in private communication on a “pick-up location” for the product hand-over. Buyers also have the option of having products delivered through SnaXchange’s official delivery partner.

Where is SnaXchange available?

Currently, SnaXchange is available only in the United Kingdom. As we grow, SnaXchange will expand into other locations and countries.

What is the SnaXchange Guarantee?

SnaXchange is devoted to an excellent customer experience for every product bought and sold on its platform. If any product is unsatisfactory, SnaXchange will provide the buyer with a full refund on the product purchased. However, the buyer will need to provide evidence of how the product was unsatisfactory.

Who can buy and sell on SnaXchange?

Anyone can register for SnaXchange, and will automatically be able to buy and sell in the online marketplace. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming that you are an active user on SnaXchange.

How do I search for and buy food or beverages?

Go to the Snaxchange shop tab to search for specific products. You can also filter products by category, rating, price and date of posting.

Further, all sellers will be mapped based on distance from the buyer, alongside the sellers’ Trust Ratings.

How do I pick up my order and when will I receive it?

As SnaXchange is a community marketplace, buyers should buy products from sellers who are in geographical proximity.  After an online purchase, buyers and sellers would then agree privately on the “pick-up location” of the product(s).

Buyers can also request products to be delivered to them, at a cost using SnaXchange’s official delivery partner, rather than arrange for a meeting location with the seller.

How do I change my delivery address?

As a buyer, you will be asked for your delivery address at the time of checkout. In case of changes to the delivery address, you can either communicate the new address to the seller directly (as his/her contact details are shared once a product is purchased) or you can inform SnaXchange of the address change and we will make the update for you.

Why can’t I see my order in Purchases?

All orders are listed in the Purchase section of your User Dashboard. If your transaction did not process or is not shown for another reason in the Purchase section of your dashboard, please contact us directly. We will be happy to help.

What payment methods are accepted?

SnaXchange accepts all types of Credit Cards and Debit Cards, as well as Apple Pay and PayPal payments.

Why haven't I received an email confirming my order ?

An automatic email confirming your order is always generated after a purchase. If you haven’t received it, your order may not have processed correctly. Please contact us for further assistance.

Why has my payment been declined?

A payment decline may be due to insufficient funds in an account. All SnaXchange payments are handled by leading vendors like PayPal and Stripe. If your payment cannot be sorted with them, please contact your bank for more information. Of course, we will be happy to assist you in this process.

How do I cancel or change an order?

To cancel an order you’ve placed, simply go to the Purchase tab, click on your order, and inform the seller or us about the cancellation. You may be asked to give a reason for the order cancellation.

How do I sell food and beverages?

Selling products on SnaXchange is easy. On the top side tab of your screen, click “Add Product” and enter details of the products you are posting. Your product will be published and live for sale in seconds.

When will I receive payments for sold products?

SnaXchange holds all payments for 5 calendar days so that buyers can confirm their purchases are satisfactory. All payments to sellers will be processed within 5-7 calendar days after the products are given or delivered to the buyer.

Why can’t I see my sale in My Account?

If your sale is not being reflected in your Account, your product may not have been successfully sold. Please contact us directly in such cases.

Why haven’t I received an email confirming my sale?

An automatic email confirming a sale is always generated after a purchase. If you haven’t received it, the order may not have gone through successfully. Please contact us directly for assistance.

How do I delete a product I have posted?

As a rule, published products cannot be deleted. They can only be edited. This is simply because at any time, a number of potential buyers may be looking at your published product and may have placed order for them.
Don’t worry, you can inform us about a product you want to permanently delete from listing and we will delete it for you within 24 hours, once all potential placed orders for that published product are reversed

What am I not allowed to sell?

SnaXchange is committed to having only safe, legal and high-quality products posted in the marketplace, so please note that:

  1. SnaXchange is only for users who are aged 18 and above. Please ensure that you do not buy or sell items with users who seem under-age (especially for Alcoholic Products). As best practice, always check the buyer’s ID for proof of age at the time of products exchange.

Please also note that the sale of alcohol is only permitted to Licensed Sellers. You may be asked to show your Council License if you chose to sell Alcoholic Products on SnaXchange.

  1. Buying and selling hot-food items is prohibited on SnaXchange (unless you are Licensed to do so). You may be asked to show your Council License if you choose to sell hot food items on SnaXchange.
  2. All products are sealed and in good condition.

How do I cancel or change a sale?

To cancel an order a buyer placed, simply go to the Purchase tab, and inform the buyer or us about the cancellation. You may be asked to give a reason for the order cancellation.

How do I reset my password?

You can manage all changes to your profile by clicking on “Edit profile” (Circle icon) at the top right corner of the desktop browser version of SnaXchange or by clicking on edit my profile on top left widget on your mobile version of SnaXchange.

How do I change my Public profile?

You can change your public profile including your profile avatar by clicking on the avatar icon on the top of your screen.

How do I update my email address?

You can manage all changes to your profile by clicking on “Edit profile” (Circle icon) at the top right corner of the desktop browser version of SnaXchange and top left corner of your mobile version of Snaxchange.

How do I delete/cancel my account?

You cannot cancel/delete your account yourself. Please contact us directly and we will help you through the account deactivation process.

Does SnaXchange charge a fee?

SnaXchange charges a 5% platform usage fee for every product sold. This charge excludes any charges by your payment gateway (like Paypal or Stripe).

Learn more about your commission for sales in your User Dashboard.

What are SnaXchange’s User Terms & Conditions?

The SnaXchange User Agreement can be read in detail at: https://www.snaxchange.com/user-agreement/

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

All emails from SnaXchange have an Unsubscribe option at the bottom. However, if you are still unable to unsubscribe, please contact us directly and we will opt you out of our communications.

How do I contact SnaXchange?

Please send us an email at info@snaxchange.com with any questions or concerns. We aim to resolve your query within 24 hours.